Welcome to EMW-DP

This is a hub for my research and digital projects. My PhD and post-doctoral research focused on crime and violence in early modern Britain, with particular interests in gender, disputes, and interactions between local communities and state authority. My current digital projects focusing on petitioners and paupers in 18th-century London have been influenced by my day job since 2006 managing digital history projects including the Old Bailey Online and London Lives.

The resources listed here have, over the years, largely grown out of those research interests. The oldest (on crime and riots in early modern Wales) have origins way back in undergraduate dissertation research. They also reflect the evolution of my digital skills – from building static websites in HTML (from c.2000), to developing with WordPress (2004-), hacking wikis (2006-), building databases with PHP and MySQL (2011-), to learning data visualisation techniques with D3.js (2015-) and R (2016-), and becoming less embarrassingly bad at Python (2017-) – and my interests in connecting researchers and the sharing and re-use of digital artefacts (which all began as a PhD student in 1999, when the scholarly humanities web was in its infancy).

And so, in addition to being a convenient space to showcase my past and ongoing work, the descriptions of the projects also document something of their evolution, both academically and technologically. The site will also gather together an archive of research-related blogging and work in progress from my blog and elsewhere.

There is further information about me and my work at my personal website.