Early Modern Crime and the Law

This website is a collection of resources and source material drawn largely from my research on crime in early modern Britain.

My PhD research focused on crime, communities and authority in Denbighshire 1660-1730. (I had been interested in the topic and in Welsh early modern court records since I was an undergraduate; I wrote my third year dissertation on riot and disorder in 18th-century Wales.) My post-doctoral research was on crime, violence and disorder in 17th-century Wales and Cheshire.

The website began in 2003 with an anthology of printed pamphlets and primary source documents from my PhD (and even earlier) research in the Welsh Great Sessions records, and subsequently added some further material from Cheshire.  In 2016 I revamped the site and added an index of the Denbighshire Great Sessions gaol files 1660-1730 drawn from my PhD files. Originally it was all in static HTML, which was converted to PHP in about 2012 (for no very good reason other than learning how to write PHP). The latest material uses a small MySQL database.