Gender and Defamation in York 1660-1700

A digital edition and resource based on my MA thesis research on defamation causes in the Borthwick Institute, York.

The core of this is research I did in the summer of 1999. My first “database” of the project’s ~100 defamation causes used 5 x 3 index cards and the transcriptions of causes are not very good. However, following the launch of the York Cause Papers Database in 2010 and subsequent mass digitisation of images, I made a start on new transcriptions and eventually decided to publish the material online as a work in progress, and document revisions as I go along.

The dataset consists of metadata, including keyword tagging, and plain text files of the work-in-progress transcriptions; the site also includes an HTML version of the MA thesis. The project website went online in early 2015. It uses a combination of static HTML files generated from Markdown using pandoc for background information and thesis pages; and PHP and a MySQL database for searching the causes. (I wanted to experiment with pandoc and static website generation, but really it would have been simpler to build the whole thing in PHP.) The data has been deposited in github and zenodo.