London Lives Paupers and Petitioners

This digital project focuses on two groups of people – paupers and petitioners – who gave accounts of themselves to 18th-century London authorities in petitions, letters and examinations. In part, it has grown out of the London Lives Petitions Project (and uses the petitions data), but will use a wider range of sources and focus on the narratives of the poor. In particular, it adds data from the London Lives Pauper Examinations (about 28000 names of examined paupers and their families from 11000 examinations). I am particularly interested in using these sources to explore family relationships, ‘irregular’ unions and bastardy.

The project started in 2016. The project website is built using pmwiki. Project data is stored in MySQL databases and plain text files, with CC-licensed public versions of the data available from github and Zenodo.