Churchwardens’ Accounts of England and Wales

This project is creating a searchable national database of all surviving churchwardens’ accounts from the earliest known (c.1300) to c.1850.

The listings feature every known church together with any chapels of ease and private chapels, along with the dedication, diocese, archdeaconry, and deanery of each. Wherever possible an indication of the population, will be given, taken from the Hearth Tax Returns and an early nineteenth century census. Further information will be added as it is gathered – this will include bibliographic information for each parish.

The surviving churchwardens’ accounts will be located, examined and each year of survival will be listed with, wherever possible, the total expenditure of each year.

churchwardens’ accounts can provide historians with useful detail on the life of a parish, insights into the conduct of services, provision and maintenance of interior fittings and furnishings, and relations with external bodies such as the archdeacons and occasionally bishops and their officers on visitation.