Digital Archive of Renaissance and Early Modern Inaugural Lectures

Documents which until the eighteenth century were generally called paginae, that is to say, the inaugural lectures of the single courses held at the Philosophical-Physical, Medical, Juridical and Theological “Faculties” or “Colleges” of universities during the Renaissance and the Modern Age.

At present, the DArIL database comprises 110 documents preserved in a specific archive series in the Archivio Antico of the University of Padua… Of these 110 documents, 24 are manuscript texts and 86 printed. In the case of the manuscripts, their description, digital photo-reproduction and semi-diplomatic transcription encoded in xml/TEI language have been put at scholars’ disposal. In the case of the printed texts, in most cases the documents have only been described and reproduced by digital photography.

As far as the contents of the documents are concerned, they are inaugural lectures drawn up in the course of over a century at the University of Padua, pertaining to a variety of subjects, from physics, biblical exegesis and rhetoric to anatomy, natural history and metaphysics.