Eighteenth-Century Book Tracker

Wel­come to Eight­eenth-Cen­tu­ry Book Track­er, ded­i­cated to in­dex­ing free­ly-a­vail­a­ble dig­i­tal fac­sim­iles of eight­eenth-cen­tury texts and cross-ref­er­enc­ing them to stand­ard bib­li­og­raph­i­cal ref­er­ence sources.

This site pro­vides a clear­ing­house for dis­cov­er­ing and shar­ing links to eight­eenth-cen­tu­ry pri­mary ma­te­ri­als. Eight­eenth-Cen­tu­ry Book Track­er aims to build a da­ta­base of bib­lio­graph­ically ac­cu­rate rec­ords that link to freely-a­vail­able texts on­line. By pool­ing its users’ ex­per­tise, the site brings bib­li­og­raph­i­cal order to the some­times hap­haz­ard world of mass dig­i­ti­za­tion. This site is de­voted to pre­serv­ing the iden­ti­ty of eight­eenth-cen­tury books in a dig­i­tal realm where such dis­tinc­tions are at risk of be­ing lost in a sea of mere text.