Emory Women Writers’ Resource Project

The current Emory Women Writers Resource Project site represents the joining of the original EWWRP site and the Womens Genre Fiction site.

The Emory Women Writers Resource Project began in 1994 as pedagogical tool designed to offer graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to create critical editions of texts. Examples of student editions are available under the Essays link. The project has expanded each year to include new texts. The texts are digitized by graduate students, and marked up in XML according to the Text Encoding Initiative standards. The texts have been selected in consultation with Dr. Sheila Cavanagh of the English Department, the editor of the site.

The site is divided into collections: Genre Fiction, including the 250 novels digitized by the Beck Center under the NEH grant; Early Modern literature through the 18th century; Early 20th century literature; World War I poetry; Native American texts; Abolition, Freedom, and Rights; and Women’s Advocacy texts. Some texts appear in more than one collection.