Records of Earl’s Colne

Database of a wide range of surviving records relating to the village of Earl’s Colne, Essex, including Ralph Josselin’s diary, court records, records of baptisms and burials, wills and inventories, maps, etc. Can be accessed by source category, name index, chronological index and other indices. Extensively hyperlinked on individuals, places, etc.

The document section contains the primary sources, the transcribed* documents, subdivided into Church Records, State Records, Estate Records and Personal Records (Josselin’s diary). The Church, State and Estate records are each subdivided into a number of categories.

The documents are accompanied by an extensive reference section providing information about the village and the sources.

[*Note: Many of the documents have been abstracted (and translated from Latin) rather than transcribed in full. Josselin’s diary has been transcribed with modernized spelling.]