John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments Online

browse and compare the unabridged texts of the four editions of this massive work published in John Foxe’s lifetime (1563, 1570, 1576, 1583). Each edition changed significantly as Foxe sought to incorporate new material, answer his critics, and adjust its polemical force to the needs of the moment.

search and view modern transcriptions that keep as close as possible to the original texts.

identify the individuals and places that are mentioned in the text.

explore the latest scholarship to understand the sources upon which it was based, and the purposes for which they were deployed.

Facsimiles of all the woodcut illustrations in the text can be viewed along with commentaries. Significant passages in Latin and Greek are translated.

TAMO is both an instrument of scholarship and a tool for anyone who wants to explore this remarkable work, a milestone in the history of the English printed book and a signal achievement of its printer, John Day.