The Records of London’s Livery Companies Online (ROLLCO)

The Records of London’s Livery Companies Online project is a partnership between the Centre for Metropolitan History, The Clothworkers’ Company, The Drapers’ Company, The Goldsmiths’ Company and The Mercers’ Company to provide a fully searchable database of their members over time. Searches can be made for individuals or statistical ‘trends’ within the Companies’ membership, and the results can be downloaded for printing and analysis. ROLLCO is a not-for-profit project, and access is free to all.

At present the database includes all of the extant information about apprentices and registers from the Clothworkers’ (1545-1908), the Drapers’ (c.1400-1900), and the Mercers’ (1339-1900), with a sample of data from the Goldsmiths’ (1600-1700). Future updates will include the membership records of a number of other Livery Companies