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Archaeology of Dutch material culture bibliography material worlds, Netherlands, new worlds Annotated bibliography of Selected Sources on the Archeology of Old World Dutch Material Culture in the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries
Bach bibliography music Fully searchable database of academic works on or relating to Bach studies
Bibliography of medieval and early modern wills and probate inventories material worlds Bibliography for scholars using wills and inventories in research and teaching
Bibliography of pre-modern Scottish women Scotland, women
C18-L Bibliographies c18th, literature, print culture, women Bibliographies published by the 18th-century studies discussion list C18-L; interdisciplinary, with a strong lterary studies focus
Early Modern Dress and Textiles Bibliography material culture
Early modern English towns bibliography Britain, urban A two-part themed bibliography and essay, covering demography, economic and social, religious, political and cultural history.
Early Modern Japan Bibliography Japan
Education of Upper-Class Englishwomen in late medieval and early modern England elites, learning, women Bibliography of primary and secondary sources on the education of medieval and early modern women
Electronic Library of Historiography historiography, learning A database with links to e-texts of important historical works of the 16th to 20th centuries
EMLS Bibliographies literature, place, women Bibliographies in the e-journal Early Modern Literary Studies
EMR Bibliographies crime, gender, law, medicine, Wales A collection of research bibliographies at this site, mainly relating to crime, women and British history.
English Short Title Catalogue bibliography print culture A bibliography of works using or about the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC)
Food, cookery, wine bibliography consumption
Francis Lodwick Bibliography learning, philosophy The bibliography catalogues all of Lodwick’s known writings, printed and manuscript, providing in addition any evidence for early-modern owner- or readership of these works.
Gay and lesbian history bibliography sexualities
Isabella Whitney Bibliography poetry, women Collection of works and resources about the poet Isabella Whitney.
Marlowe Bibliography Online drama, literature, writing The Marlowe Bibliography Online is intended to facilitate scholarship on the works of Christopher Marlowe by providing a searchable annotated bibliography of relevant scholarship
Mary Rowlandson and captivity narratives Americas, new worlds, print culture
Novel in Europe 1670-1730 print culture, writing Database of bibliographical information about early novels
Suicide in early modern Europe cultures, Europe
Taste in the eighteenth century consumption
Taverns, locals and street corners bibliography consumption, revelry, urban Wiki-bibliography for the Taverns Project study on tavern culture from early modern Europe to the present day.
The French Revolution at the Grassroots: A Critical Bibliography c18th, France, wars/revolutions a bibliography of scholarly work on villages, towns and rural areas during the Revolutionary period
The Stuart Successions Project Britain, monarchy, politics, propaganda, Stuarts project on succession literature in c17th Britain, with bibliographical database of writing from 1603 to 1702
Women in colonial America Americas, women


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ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830 arts, women open access journal for all aspects of women in arts 1640-1830, especially literature, visual arts, music, performance art, film criticism, and production arts
CERAE : An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies a peer-reviewed Australasian journal of medieval and early modern studies
Common-place Americas a common place for exploring and exchanging ideas about early American history and culture
Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe and his contemporaries c18th, literature, writing a peer-reviewed online journal celebrating the works and culture of the eighteenth century
Early America Review Americas, c18th
Early Modern Culture Online literature, performing arts, visual arts an open-access, peer reviewed ejournal on Renaissance and Early Modern culture
Early Modern Digital Review digital A peer-reviewed journal that publishes reviews on digital projects related to early modern society and culture
Early Modern Japan: an interdisciplinary journal Japan a publication of the Early Modern Japan Network, an interdisciplinary, international community of specialists of early modern Japan
Early Modern Literary Studies literature, print culture, writing a refereed journal for English literature, literary culture, and language during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Early Modern Low Countries (EMLC) Europe A multidisciplinary open access journal dedicated to the study of the early modern Low Countries.
Early Modern Studies Journal cultures, literature Annually-published online journal devoted to literary and cultural topics of study in the medieval and early modern periods
Journal of Early Modern Studies Europe, interdisciplinary an open access peer-reviewed international journal that promotes interdisciplinary research and discussion on issues concerning all aspects of early modern European culture
Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art art, Netherlands JHNA publishes peer-reviewed articles that focus on art produced in the Netherlands (north and south) during the early modern period
Journal of the Northern Renaissance arts, Europe, learning, material culture a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal dedicated to the study of both the cultural productions and the concept of the Northern Renaissance
Journal18: a journal of 18th-century art and culture culture, visual arts Journal18 is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the art and culture of the long eighteenth century from around the globe.
Laberinto: an e-journal of early modern Hispanic literatures and culture cultures, Spain, visual arts, writing journal dedicated to the exploration of interdisciplinary connections among literary and cultural texts, as well as images of the Hispanic areas of influence
Lives and Letters: a journal for early modern archival research manuscripts Lives and Letters is a peer reviewed journal, highlighting archival research into the early modern period
MEMO – Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture Online material culture An open access online journal on the broad field of research on the material culture of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period.
The Spenser Review literature The Spenser Review is an online journal published three times a year


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Early modern palaeography tutorial tutorials Online materials for a taught course
English Handwriting 1500-1700: An Online Course tutorials online palaeography course, focused on English manuscript sources
French Renaissance Paleography tutorials A resource for learning to read early modern French handwriting.
Italian Paleography tutorials A resource for learning to read early modern Italian handwriting.
LIMA: Literary Manuscript Analysis manuscripts, material culture an advanced introduction to the study of manuscripts, focusing on their physical characteristics (including handwriting)
Palaeography: reading old handwriting 1500 - 1800 tutorials A practical online tutorial
Scottish Handwriting 1500-1750 Scotland, tutorials online tuition in palaeography for historians, genealogists and other researchers in reading manuscript historical records, emphasising practical help to improve skills


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Beginners’ Latin a beginners’ guide to the Latin used in English documents between 1086 and 1733
Folger Shakespeare Library Finding Aid Database database of online finding aids for manuscript, graphic, archival and other collections at the Folger Shakespeare Library
Ian’s English Calendar An online handbook of dates for English history & literature
Lexicons of Early Modern English database of English dictionaries, bilingual lexicons, technical vocabularies, and other encyclopedic-lexical works
Medieval and Early Modern Data Databases on medieval and early modern European prices and currency
Universal Short Title Catalogue a collective database of printed books published in Europe to the end of the sixteenth century.